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How To Build Big Broad Shoulder Muscles - Best Exercises

To build bigger shoulder muscles you must train them with the right exercises. Many people suffer from imbalanced shoulders. To solve this issue you must train them in the correct way. This article will reveal the best exercises for big broad shoulders.

Three parts to your shoulder muscles
There are three different parts to your shoulder muscles- the front, rear and side shoulder muscles. Each one needs a different exercise to stimulate growth. Training all of them and getting the right balance will create that broad, round shoulder look.

Exercises for the front deltoids
To increase the size of the front part of your shoulders perform overhead pushing exercises. The shoulder overhead press is great for building up your front shoulders. It allow for heavy weights to be used, creating more overall muscle stimulation.

The bench press is great for indirectly working out the front shoulders. As it is a big compound movement it will greatly increase the size of your front shoulder. To an extent this can even cause overgrowth of the front shoulders and cause muscle imbalances.
This means that if you are performing chest push exercises like the bench press you won't really need to do any further exercises for your front shoulders.

Exercises for the rear deltoids
The rear shoulders respond to pull back movements. You can perform rear delt rows to isolate the muscle. Use dumbbells to focus of the rear shoulders.

Again when you perform back exercises that create pulling motion, your rear shoulders will come into play. This means you won't need to isolate them with individual exercises as much. Do big compound back exercises like the barbell rows to greatly increase the size of your rear shoulders.
Exercises for the side deltoids
The side shoulders will be the most underdeveloped part on most people. This is also the part that will create the biggest and widest looking shoulders. This is the shoulder part you really want to focus on and train hard, for bigger looking shoulders.

The best and really only exercise to target the side shoulders are side lateral raises. Perform these with dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells in front of your body, then with slightly bent elbows raise them up to the sides. Lift them to ear level, then at this position tilt your hands down and forward, to raise your little fingers - this will further activate the side deltoids. Perform this exercise mostly to build wider, bigger, broader shoulder muscles.                                 

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